Sipe Angus has raised cattle since 1969.

However, in 1998, we started changing our philosophy to raise cattle that would work on forages (grasses) without having to be grain fed to survive. Over the next 8 years, we did research and attended seminars to gain more insight on how grass feed cattle compare to grain fed cattle.

The comparison was astonishing when it came to the effects on the human body. This gave us more incentive to produce a healthier and more efficient product. It does take longer, but the benefits of better flavor, more tenderness, and a much healthier animal is a plus to us all.

Knowing where your product comes from should give you peace of mind.

Our beef

  • has no additives
  • no hormones
  • no antibiotics
  • is high in OMEGA-3’s
  • is delicious, lean and juicy
  • is heart helpful
  • is environmentally sustainable
Picture of cow at Sipe Angus Farm

Price List (per pound):

Hamburger: $8.00
Cube Steak: $8.00
Stew Beef: $8.00
Roast: $8.00
Sirloin: $14.00
Ribeye: $16.00
NY Strip: $16.00
T-Bone: $16.00
Filet: $20.00

1/4 cow and up: $5.00 lb hanging weight

Contact us to arrange for purchase.